EMC, come and see!

4 thoughts on “EMC, come and see!”

  1. Hi I design switching PSU In Argentina, same as you, face a lot of troubles to make the devices compliant. But always get it done. On the third design we start to design taking EMC considerations at the very begining, that last time I didn´t go to the testing facilities, I send the device and get the results, pass, great!

  2. Hi there,
    One thing to rectify. There are people that have survived near field measurements. And this is actually basis for a lot of antenna measurements facilities, for instance Europan Space Agency co-operates one in Denmark [http://www.ems.elektro.dtu.dk/research/research_projects/projects/characterization_techniques/SNFATF]
    Theory doesn’t fall apart in the near field, it is actually quite easy to calculate characteristics of far field based on near field measurements (those are difficult).

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