Chua’s Circuit – Chaos in its most simple form

6 thoughts on “Chua’s Circuit – Chaos in its most simple form”

  1. Why not implement the whole thing in software? Your scope shows the waveforms cycle at about 3 periods per millisecond, that’s 3 kilohertz. If you wrote software to continuously integrate the differential equations at 15 microsecond intervals, that’d give you 22 points per cycle. Plenty enough to reconstruct the fundamental and the first 10 harmonics.

    Run it on a Raspberry PI which achieves 40 megaflops, done. You get 2667 floating point operations per timepoint, way WAY more than enough to integrate the diff eqs.

    1. I’d agree with you, it should be feasible to run it on RasPi. However, I am not sure how well can you “tune” the coefficients. The expensive potentiometers I’ve bought for this project enable me very fine tuning and reaching oscillation. If you manage to do something like that, please, keep me noted.

    1. Well, the guys on do say that you can use some very special coils which can be purchased more easily than they were 30y ago when the circuit was designed. It could work, so I encourage you to give it a try. What I find unsatisfying is that you can not tune it as with gyrator, and this circuit is very sensitive on such adjustments.

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