Getting started with ATmega8u2 and other AVR USB microcontrollers

2 thoughts on “Getting started with ATmega8u2 and other AVR USB microcontrollers”

  1. hi,
    Thanks, for the giving a valuable information on ATMEL USB micro controllers
    i am an engineering student and electronic hobbiest, new to this type of micro controller. I am doing a project which contains AT90USB1286 microcontroller, ADS7825(ADC 16-Bit, 4 CHANNEL), strain gage and with analog signal conditioning circuit. Hence, it is nothing but a data acquisition system
    i need to transfer the data(processed strain gage data) from Micro controller to PC Via both UART and USB Modes. I wrote all the program and compiled successfully, i am able to transfer the data from AT90USB1286 microcontroller to PC(on Hyper terminal) through UART(RS-232) protocol.
    i was using ISP protocol, kanda isp(driver software), stk200 dongle(which was made by my self).
    i made my total hardware circuit on general purpose board and its working functionality is quite good.
    i am able to program the AT90USB1286 micro controller. I was not using any DFU boot loaders/ FLIP etc.
    i want to transfer the data(i.e processed strain data) from Micro controller’s inbuilt USB to PC via USB, I read through multiple documents including AT90USB1286 datasheet but i don’t understand them, maybe because i am a student and newbie to this type of micro-controller and no software background(except ‘ C ‘), What i would like to know is how to use the USB hardware build in AT90USB1286(to communicate with PC). and also is there any simple stand alone software, that i can use, write and send the data from AT90USB1286 to PC?.

    i read LUFA-151115. Because of my poor knowledge, i am getting confuse that which one is suited to me among all examples which they provided and i don’t know how to use that library.

    it is my kindly request you that please help me what i have to do to get transferring the data from AT90USB1286 to PC via USB.

    if possible, please tell me the step wise procedure to get the data transfer from AT90USB1286 to PC via USB.

    thank you in advance,
    excuse me for bad english,


    1. Hello Vasu,

      sorry for the late response, I was on my honeymoon in South America and didn’t have a proper access to my site host. Now, if I understood correctly, you would like to use USB as a communication protocol between your AVR and a PC, right? If yes, good, that I can answer, because I’ve also struggled with it myself some time ago.

      A good way to start it is to look up a Virtual Serial example in LUFA. In there you establish a USB protocol by initializing a Communications Device Class (CDC) and you can transfer text data using the standard functions fprintf and fscanf.

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