Building an ARM based microcomputer at home

14 thoughts on “Building an ARM based microcomputer at home”

    1. Not a stupid queston: first I reflow bottom side where there are less components (and lighweight ones). When it’s done, I take it out, turn upside down, put the paste on the top side, place the components and reflow again. Now, the bottom side component are upside down, but the surface tension of the solder keeps them from falling off the board. They are really small 0402 packages so the surface tension can overcome the gravity 🙂

      1. Isn’t the melting point of the solder paste higher once it has become solid, and thus it will not reflow at the same temperature as the solder paste?

  1. Thanks for awesome inspirational post. It inspired me to try!.. I’m still busy with the schematic but I am confused already… I see a bus with a DDR_A global label.. and a label of SDA10.. but when I look for SDA10 elsewhere I only see it on the EBI_A bus. Is it possible for one bus (EBA) to connect to another (DDR_A) just for that one wire?

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